US Senate Info 应用的评论


Remove senator app

I want remove this app. Do not want all the sex info.


Doesn't work, was never updated and has ad for developer's sex app! I want my money back.

I thought apple reviews all

Why are we being charged for this. It is just a sex app "0" rating


Fake and should be removed. Also porno ads on the apps.

Sex Ads Abound

Don't like the huge sex ads. Too bad cause it would have been a great app. DELETED!

No Warning!!!

Deleted because of sexual ads..user should be forwarned before installing.


Not crazy about the ads for female orgasms and g-spots that pop up. Deleted.

This would help

This would be better if when I pull up a Senator, I could tap on the phone # and call them from their contact card. Also could not pull up reviews.

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